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What is your go to travel outfit? Favorite bag? Favorite shoes? Do you have any must-have items? Personally, I like to carry a large handbag instead of a carry on for short journeys. In addition to my tickets and wallet, I tend to carry a few essentials like lipstick, moisturizer and contact solution. I always have a big bottle of water with me as well. When I\\\'m traveling practicality is important, I don\\\'t want anything that\\\'s putzy or bright, flashy colors. I always go for a neutral, subtle color and opt for a bag that\\\'s not too big and not too small. I like to carry this beautiful piece from Gucci, Sukey Handbag. Crafted in traditional Beige Jacquard canvas with light pink leather trim. A staff and customer favorite, this bag has quickly replaced my usual travel favorites.

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